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Department of Internal Affairs

"Working in partnership with Act on Insight was very useful for assisting us to articulate the challenge that digital futures pose for our business.  The combination of a Phil's robust research and analysis base with Lisa's strong facilitation and guidance of the team under the light hand of Steve helped us work our way through to a very sound Strategic Case for change.  AOI rapidly understood the nature of our business and the challenge facing us - not just in terms of the digital world and expectations of NZ - but also in the systems and processes of govt.  This made it very easy for them to rapidly gain the trust of staff, and their system of working alongside rather than advising has meant that the outcomes are strongly owned by the business, which minimises (if not avoids) the risk that work grinds to a stop when the consultant leaves! It has been a pleasure working with AOI."

Sue Powell
Deputy Chief Executive | Information and Knowledge, Department of Internal Affairs