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Research, strategy & facilitation

Phil Tate

Phil has built a reputation in the business sector for his knowledge, passion and sharp insight into the various disruptions effecting existing business models. Phil is often presenting and leading discussions around New Zealand as a trained facilitator of The Climate Project. Phil delves beyond global warming into the need to understand the impacts of change and believes that business model transformation is one of highest priorities across all organisations. Phil can provide a holistic view of the macro environment so that organisations are armed with the foresight of the evolving market.


Phil has advanced competence in the sustainability and transformation:

Presenter Training & District Manager (NZ): The Climate Project (Al Gore)

Environmental Management Systems: Landcare NZ

Leaders Edge Programme : New Zealand Post

Global Transformational Leadership Programme: National Australia Bank

Post-Grad. Certificate of Marketing (PGCM): Sheffield Hallam University

BA (Hons.) - Psychology (2:1): The University of Sheffield 



'On a mission to make a difference'


A big thinker, Phil gets a great deal of satisfaction when in a position to help organisations establish foresight and create links between today's business models and tomorow's marketplace.  In order to help organisations establish links between todays' uncertainties and future business trends Phil provides insights that help organisations create pathways to a more sustainalbe future state.


When not waxing lyrical about future trends and impact of the choices we are making today Phil can be found in the backrow of the Wellington Orchestra playing the harmonica.