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Managing Director: strategy & facilitation

Steve Graham

With extensive international business experience, Steve has held senior strategic roles in Japan, the US and New Zealand. Recognised for his passion and charismatic leadership, Steve is often found looking at the world from the view of what is possible.


Whether as the stand-out Westerner in the strategic planning team at Alpine Electronic’s world headquarters in Japan; or the Microsoft manager who helped lead New Zealand to being recognised as Subsidiary of the Year in Asia; or the early evangelist of cloud computing who inked the exclusive partnership deals in New Zealand with and Google, Steve is renowned for challenging the status quo and achieving results.



‘Creating what’s possible in the face of what‘s probable.’


A passionate traveller, Steve believes in living your dreams. Before settling down in New Zealand, he spent three years on a non-working sabbatical exploring Asia and Africa. In 2009, Steve took a hiatus to fulfill a dream formed 13 years previously and spent six months backpacking overland across South America with his three young children, aged 11 (twins) and 13.


Steve feels nourished when he sees people act on their potential, and have the gumption and courage to pursue their dreams. To him, it's all about the vision. While at Microsoft, Steve (blind in one eye) was known as the guy with 'half the sight and double the vision.'


And, yes, Act On Insight is another of Steve's dreams...