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Idea Management

In today's fast moving environment it is critical that organizations are tapping into the collective consciousness of staff insights. Whether you are using proven approaches like Kaizen ("Good Change"), Idea meetings e.g. Opportunities for Improvement or simple Kanban ("Signboard") boards it is critical that your organization is generating ideas and that this process is seen as an investment in the future.


Leaders that are continually adapting to changing market conditions and customer preferences know that they must give their employees time to work on ideas, together with small budgets and easy access to assistance from support functions, if they expect their organizations to improve and innovate at a rapid rate.  


Research substantiates that successful idea driven organizations have strong senior management commitment, embrace transparency and are willing to look at policies that directly or indirectly reduce the flow of ideas and accept the need that some of these policies may need to be modified or eliminated.


Successful idea-driven organizations realize it is impossible to be an idea-driven organization without the processes and proedures being owned by the people using them.

Implementing Idea Management:

Establish long-term leadership commitment

Assess the organizational capability and culture

Design the idea management approach

Create a proof of concept

Deploy the system


Idea Management - When asked by a CEO what he needed to do to increase effectiveness Peter Drucker gave him a piece of advice that would transform the company: ask every employee to come to his or her weekly departmental meeting with an idea to improve the company or his or her own work.


Peter Drucker, hailed as "the man who invented management," was a management consultant and self-described "social ecologist," who explored the way human beings organize themselves and interact much the way an ecologist would observe and analyze the biological world.