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Strategy & Facilitation

Our facilitation approach enables organizations to:

  • Challenge your current thinking patterns and the institutional thinking of the organization
  • Enable you to identify change that will shape the market
  • Help facilitate a shared agreement within your team on how best to prepare for both future opportunities, challenges and strategic alignment


We gurantee a high energy and enlightening conversation that unveils strategic insight.  Our workshop approach is structured and designed to get participants to:

  • Think differently:

    How are your current business models being disintermediated?
  • Lead through effective Anticipation:

    What emerging innovations and trends could disrupt current business models?

  • Transform through culture:

    What kinds of new conversations do you think your organisation needs to have?

If the (strategy) starting point is the current approach to business, the view of the future is likely to be an optimistic extrapolation. It’s better to start from the future. Once senior managers establish a consensus about the shape of things to come, they can fold that future into the present. They should ask: “What are the milestones on the path to our desired future? What steps can we take today that will enable us to get there? How will we know that we are moving in that direction?”


Nidumolu, Prahalad & Rangaswami

Harvard Busines sReview